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Vinsic Super User Program

Start with the Vinsic Super User Program, get the new-relases Vinsic prodcuts with totally free. Just using them,shareing your experience and make us doing better!

6 steps for the Vinsic Super User Program

  • Apply and sumbit the application form

  • Applicants are selected by Vinsic

  • Choose the products with your own interst

  • Share the thoughts publicly after using the product

  • Please finish the try-out report on Vinsic account as well

  • Follow us facebook Vinsic to get the update for the new fancy products

Questions? Let's get Sam to help you first!

Welcome to Vinsic! This is Sam, Receptionist of I am the only one in Vinsic who doing jobs without geting paid. Howeve i still vvvvvvvvery much like work here. I am a very smart guy, so i know what's you are gona to ask, check out if i am getting right about you? if not, just send e-mail

Super Users in Vinsic can apply for free Vinsic product to review and keep up to 15 items every year.

Submitting an application and we will pick customers from our database who meet the requirements after the evaluation.
You can apply free product to use and test after approval.(if not pass, we will e-mail you in 3 business days). No questions, no hassles. That's FREE-TO-USE.

Testing our new products, sharing your experience and suggestion on the third-party platforms including but not limited to Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.Reviews are expected as:
* Detailed. Include the design, quality and performance such issues.
* Attractive. Fair. Get noticed and received attention.
* At least ONE link to Vinsic site.
* Written or video, any language is acceptable.
Don't forget getting back to Vinsic account to finish the report.(so you can join the next round)

The ones meet at least one of the following requirements will be given priority *Comprehensive and detailed review history on Amazon;
*Face book, twitter (at least 50000 followers);
*YouTube (at least 20000 subscribers & quality video);
*Tech websites/ forums (top 100,000 on Alexa global rank);

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Application Process

Please submit complete information to facilitate the application process. We will evaluate your application once you submit, and you will be contacted by our account services department if you have chance to get the new-relases Vinsic prodcuts with totally free.

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