Welcome to Vinsic! This is Sam - Vinsic's Receptionist. Handsome aren't I, haha?! When you visit this page there must be some questions you have in mind, so I'm here for you and will list frequently asked questions from other customers too, & I hope I can also answer yours. If listed questions don't have answers that can solve your problem, don’t worry about contacting us, as we'll be glad to solve any problems you meet in Vinsic!

General order questions:

1. What payment options do you provid?

* PayPal
* Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express)
* Bank transfer (bulk order)

2. Will you prepare stock for all items you sell?

Yes, Vinsic will always do our best to ship orders within 24 hours (if order is placed during a working day), so all the items we'll prepare stock for to ensure this.

3. How long will it take for my payment to be processed?

Most order payments will be processed and authorized on the same day.
However, if the payment was paid with a credit card, in addition to the bank’s authorization, Vinsic software systems will also run various authorization checks. Most of the time, If the order is not authorized by Vinsic, the order will not be processed. If this occurs, the customer will not be charged.
If you are having issues with your payments, please contact our customer service support@Vinsic.com.

4. Can I modify my order? (Quantity, Color, address, etc...)

Before placing an order with us, please make sure to double check and review your order carefully. If you are unhappy with your order, please contact us via support@Vinsic.com as soon as possible!

5. What is the order Processing and Ship out Time?

Our average processing, handling time is 1-2 business days (our warehouse does not operate over weekends).
After your order is shipped out, it usually takes about 24-48 hours for any tracking services to update.
Orders that are placed on Weekends or Holidays will be considered a Next Business day orders. (Example: If an order is placed on Saturday, it will be considered a Monday order.)

6. How do I check my Order Status?

If you set up an account at Vinsic.com, you are able to view and track the status of your order!
Just log into your account and on your dashboard go to "MY ORDERS"
You will get a full history of your orders since the account has been activated. You can also find the shipping status and tracking number, if it has already been included.
If you are unable to access this information, please feel free to contact us via Support@Vinsic.com! One of our friendly and helpful CS Agents will be more than happy to assist you.

7. Why my order status shows” pending”?

If your order is showing as pending there might be a few reasons why it might not be processing:
#The e-cheque PayPal payment is waiting to be cleared( usually it needs3-5 business days to complete)
#The credit card payment needs to be authorized by our Vinsic system( if it does not pass, the order will go back to show as unpaid, & if this occurs, of course you will not be charged)
After this, the payment status will go back to show as 'processing'.
If you have any questions about the status of your order, please contact us via Support@Vinsic.com.

Shipping questions:

1. What shipping methods do Vinsic use and what is shipping time?

Standard shipping: Usually takes 7 -15 business days.
Expedited shipping: Usually takes 2-5 business days.

2. What is Eligible for Free Shipping?

All items sold on Vinsic.com are eligible for free shipping (Standard shipping) and we will ship with every order with a tracking No.

3. What is the Policy on Lost Shipping or missing items in orders?

While most packages will arrive on time, there may be circumstances and delays our carriers may experience.
If no updates are made on your tracking information after 48 hours, please contact support@Vinsic.com for more assistance.
If your tracking No. is still not showing as "Delivered" after 25-30 business days, please contact support@Vinsic.com for more assistance.
If an item returns to us due to incorrect shipping information, we will notify our customer to inform them it has been returned by the Post Office, and automatically then give our customer a refund for the purchase.
If an item is missing from the order, please contact via support@Vinsic.com, Once Customer Service confirms an item is missing; we will deal with it As Soon As Possible (ASAP).

4. What if I paid for expedited shipping, how much will be charged?

The shipping method you have chosen will determine how quickly a package will arrive after the packages are shipped out. We place priority on expedited shipments according to their order in the queue.
1.Enter the desired items into your cart.
2.Click on “My Cart” on the tabs located at the upper right of the site.
3.You will see the Estimated Shipping fee of your order.

Products Warranty

1.What is the products warranty?

Vinsic.com offers 18 months hassle-free warranty from the date of purchase for all products we sell.

This warranty is only valid for items considered defective. Defects are defined as imperfections or flaws produced as a result of a manufacturing error. Accidental drops, installation failures, etc. caused by the owner, are not covered under this warranty.

2. How to process a return?

Please contact our customer support agent at support@Vinsic.com to ask for a Warranty Claims Form for Shipping defective products back to Vinsic (or not), this decision whether the product will be covered under this warranty, will be as advised by our customer Service Representative. If the order does need to be returned, you will definitely be provided with a Warranty Claims Form.

Please Include the Warranty Claim Form with the Return product. (Returned products must be in their original packaging, without any missing contents) which will help ensure prompt processing of your Warranty claim.

Once we receive Return products, we will need 2-3 days to have our Technical experts assess them to form a judgment as to whether the Returned item is covered under our Warranty, & will then contact a customer immediately.

FQA of Vinsic products

1.Vinsic sells a MFI USB cable - I want to know what is MFi?

Mfi, an abbreviation for Apple" Made for iOS”, is a kind of identification license for external accessories of Apple authorized accessories manufacturer based on iPhone, iPod and Pad. The certified MFI USB cables are more reliable, durable and safer. As per Apple regulation, the charging voltage of MFI USB cables connected to the terminal of iPhone should be at 4.75V-5.25V, which can effectively guarantee the voltage is not too high (to protect cell phone chips from burning), or too low (electric current can’t reach to 1A because of low voltage ).

2. Why does the Power Bank and cell phone get hot when charging?

It is normal that certain heat will be generated involving energy conversion. Small amounts of heat will be generated when charging low current equipment. Because the circuit energy is converted into heat energy, that’s why a 2000mAh mobile phone cannot be charged 3 times from a capacity of 6000mAh power bank.

3. What will help the mobile power supply when hot to not be dangerous?

For the high quality power bank, the risk coefficient is relatively small. Vinsic power bank belongs to high-quality ones, so that customers can be assured the risk is not dangerous. However, as a friendly reminder to our customers, please do not charge in the nest or bag, because these places will accumulate heat, so the temperature therefore will then rise in the mobile phone causing more chance for danger; so don’t charge when using the cell phone. In addition, charging should be avoided in the car's compartment higher temperature environment, as well as bathroom, kitchen and other wet environments; as well as not charging, and also avoid charging, in crowded places, & on a bed , so as to prevent danger.

4. Why can’t the Power Bank boot up?

As its run out of power. If you can't turn it on after receiving it, it will be because it has run out power. Please get the power adapter (output current at 1A-1.5A) and micro USB & connect to charge the Power Bank (for around 3- 5 minutes). Then try again, and recharge.

5. For a new power bank, do we need to charge 12 hours to activate it?

As we know, an old mobile phone battery used a nickel metal hydride battery (or nickel chromium batteries), these batteries having memory effect, so they must be fully activated by using long time charging in order to play with greater efficiency. But, nowadays, power banks basically use lithium batteries, with activation having been done in the factory, and so the memory effect is small. Usually, a new power bank contains about 60% power, so what we need to do is to use up all of the power, and then charge it as long as it takes to get filled and show as full. It doesn't need continuous charging.

6. What about the safety of Power Bank? What kind of chips are used in the Power Bank?

Two kinds of chips are used in the Power bank. One is an original Li-polymer battery that is more stable and safe. It has such features as: constant output voltage, intelligent current identification and current control, over-current protection, input overvoltage and current protection, all of which greatly enhance safety performance. The other is an imported 18562 chip, produced by Sanyo, Samsung, Panasonic, Sony and other well-known companies. These companies' products are tested through markets and are of high quality. You can feel comfortable to buy and use our Power Bank.

7. Will a phone be damaged by charging with the Power Bank?

The Power bank doesn't directly impact a cell phone, but can with certain USB cables. Using unverified cables may cause short circuits because of high electrical resistance, and will cause a directly detrimental impact on a phone, as it easily causes a momentary strong current. So customers are encouraged to purchase an original USB cable or MFI USB cable.

8 Which electronic devices can be charged over Power Bank? - Cell phone and tablet?

Power Bank, promoted recently, is mainly used to charge electronic devices powered by lithium-ion batteries, including most cell phones, MP3, game consoles, GPS and digital cameras. Because the output voltage of Power Bank is at 5v, it CAN'T be used to: charge digital video cameras ( whose input voltage is at 9V),nor part of MP3's using dry battery 7, nor laptops (with input voltage at 12V-22v), nor other large current equipment. The total output current of Power Bank is at 2.1A, so the total charging current amount should be less than 2.1A. Customers can confirm current according to the charging current shows on the adapter.

9. Why can't I charge the cell phone over Power Bank?

Please test it following these steps in-order:
a. Ensure the discharge switch of Power bank is on. b. Verify if the charging connector matches the Smartphone. If not, please replace with right connector or Micro-USB (Charging and PC Connect).
c. Check if the voltage of your electronic device is at 5V.
d. Check if your electronic device has been written into the charging protection program or consult the official, or check if it can charge other electronic devices.
e. Verify if something goes wrong with the charging input port.
f. Verify if the charging IC of this electronic device breaks down and results in high charging voltage. If the alternating current can be normally charged, then the electronic device was purchased quite some time ago.

10. How to calculate the number of charges?

number of charges equals = (Power capacity of Power Bank* battery conversion efficiency* phone inner core conversion efficiency (80%))/ the capacity of mobile phone battery).
Take iPhone 6 for example:
The power capacity of Power Bank: 10000mAh
Battery of power bank conversion efficiency: 3.7V/5V
Phone inner core conversion efficiency: 80%
The capacity of iPhone6 battery: 1810 mAh
(10000mAh x 3.7V/5V*80%)/1810=3.2
So 10000mAh Power bank, the total Number of Charger of iPhone 6 is 3.2 times.
The capacity of commonly mobile phone batteries
iPhone4S:1470mAh , iPhone5: 1440mAh, iPhone5s: 1560mAh,iPhone6: 1810mAh,iPhone6 Plus:2915mAh.
Samsung GALAXY Note: 2500mAh, Samsung Galaxy Note: 3000mAh, Samsung S4/S5:2600mAh.

11. Can car chargers be used to charge a laptop?

No. The output voltage of common car chargers is at 5V, but it will need 14-18V input voltage to charge a laptop. So car chargers can’t be used to charge a laptop.

12. What is a good solar charging panel?

There are two kinds of solar cells on the market right now, that is, amorphous silicon and crystalline silicon. Crystalline silicon can be divided into polycrystalline silicon and monocrystalline silicon.
From the perspective of photoelectric conversion efficiency of these three kinds of material, monocrystalline silicon (can reach to 17%)>polycrystalline silicon (12-15%)> amorphous silicon (around 5%). Regarding solar charging panel, the higher the photoelectric conversion efficiency is, the more efficient the sun's energy converts into electricity. Vinsic solar charging panel uses the monocrystalline silicon material.

13: Why can't my solar charging panel convert sun's energy into electricity?

Direct sunlight is needed for the solar charging panel to work. Cloud, smog and shade will prevent the sun from converting into sun's energy.