Wax Warmer, Vinsic Wax Heater Melting Pot Kit

Wax Warmer, Vinsic Wax Heater Melting Pot Kit

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①Wax Warmer Kit: Comes with 4 different flavors hard wax beans (chamomile, aloe, lavender, blackcurrant), 30 pcs wax applicator sticks which are convenient to use. Used for hair removal, beauty care and maintenance. ② Wax Heater: The see-through cover keeps heat on the wax, accelerates the wax melting and prevents the wax contamination from dust. Intuitive to see wax melting process, easy to control heating time. ③Multipurpose: Four gears to adjust the melting temperature by yourself, convenient and environmental to use. Fit any types of wax including hard and soft wax. Used for face, legs, arms, armpit, etc. ④Efficient Depilation: Works with no residue, no blackheads, low growth rate and finer hair. Depilate thoroughly, remove unwanted hair effectively, making skin clear and bright. ⑤Safe & Durable: Wax beans with low melting point and high moisture without harm to skin dry quickly, depilate gently. Aluminum pot adopts high temperature resistant materials, durable to use.

Portable Electric Wax Warmer Kit

More of you are probably sick of the unwanted hair over your whole body like legs, armpit, arms, etc. It must be indeed embarrassing and time-consuming to depilate specially in a beauty salon. Breett fast-heating electric wax warmer will make you remove unwanted hair quickly and easily in your home. Comes with a removable warm port, which helps with cleaning. Adjustable heat settings come in handy. It is recommended to stir wax often and be sure to test the heat level before applying to skin. The pot is not bulky so it would not take up much space.

Package Contents:
1* Wax Heater (400ml)
4 Packs* Wax Beans (chamomile, aloe, lavender, blackcurrant)
30pcs* Wax Applicator Sticks
1* User Manual

User guide:
1. Take appropriate amount of wax beans into the warm port, heat until it melts totally.
2. Keep your skin clean and dry.
3. Take out appropriate amount of depilatory wax with the applicator stick, apply a thin layer evenly along the direction of the hair growth.
4. Wait for a moment, after the depilatory wax has solidified and tightened your skin, clench the edge of wax and peel off rapidly and strongly against the direction of the hair growth, your hair will be plucked out with the wax.
5. Clean your skin with depilatory care solution or essence.

1. Apply a thin layer of the depilatory wax on your arms to test whether the temperature is appropriate or not.
2. Please store this product in cool and dry place, avoid of direct sunlight and avoid high temperature areas.
3. People with sensitive skin or wound skin do NOT use.
4. keep out of the reach of children to protect them from eating wax.

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